Subject RE: [IBO] Value out of range error when inserting into a table
Author Terry Black
Hi Jason, I have found the problem - my fault. The primary key is a small int data range -32768 - 32767 and I was trying to add 100,000 records. No wonder it gave me 'Value out of range'


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I think a bit more information would be helpful. I'm not sure what to advise
you at this point. You don't specify in what manner you have a generator on
the primary key. If it is in the trigger then the client will not be aware
of it in some cases.


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Subject: [IBO] Value out of range error when inserting into a table

Hi, I am inserting records into a table using a for loop

For j := 1 to 10000 do
qrMain.FieldByName('Team').value := 'xxx';

This is a simple for loop to add 10000 new records, however, I am getting an
exception class EIB_ColumnError with message 'Value out of range'.

I have a generator on the primary key.




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