Subject Installing IBObjects 5.0 on Win64, Delphi XE2?
Author Chuck Belanger

Yesterday I installed IBO 5.0 Beta into Delphi XE2 on a 64 bit Win7
machine. I intend to create both 32 and 64 bit versions of my new program.

I am a little confused about the installation and am wondering if I did
it right.

I opened the RT group project, built then compiled that.
Then I opened the DT group project and built then compiled that.

I noticed that when adding the new DT components that the Delphi dialog
said the components had to be built 32 bit. I successfully installed all
the components as 32 bit.

How does this affect using Delphi to create a 64 bit app or does it?


Chuck Belanger
Richmond, CA