Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBObjects 5.0 on Win64, Delphi XE2?
Author Salvatore Besso

the Delphi IDE is a 32 bit application, so design time packages must be 32 bit. In short you have to:

- Compile all run-time packages at 32 bit
- Compile all design-time packages at 32 bit
- Install all 32 bit design-time packages in the IDE
- Compile all run-time packages ONLY at 64 bit

So don't compile design-time packages at 64 bit, it's useless. Of course all bpl's, dcu's and dcp's must go in their
respective folders, depending on platform and configuration (this is my directory structure):

|___d16 (or d2012)
| |____release
| |____debug

All dcu's go in debug or release directory plus:

- Put debug bpl and dcp in the debug directory
- Put release dcp in the release directory
- Put release bpl in %(BDSCOMMONDIR)\bpl and %(BDSCOMMONDIR)\bpl\Win64

I'm finishing a batch file that does all that automatically from the command line (except installing in the IDE). It
must be in the IBO root folder along with another bunch of text files that it needs.