Subject IB_LookupCombo Showing Blank Line
Author raja_s_patil

Set up is as follows.
Delphi2007 IBO 4.9.14 WinXP -> Firebird 2.1 on remote Linux Machine in LAN.

I am using IB_Lookup combo in a form which is copied from another project. In original project same form shows correct value and functions as expected with another database. When it is copied to
new version Application project and connected to new version database it shows a blank line instead of looked up display value.

I created a fresh test project and put fresh IBConnection and two query objects and established key lookup scenario but there also it shows a blank line in lookup combo. I dont know what is going wrong.

The original project source has been created in delphi 5 with IBO 4.2HG long ago and has been working fine for many years.
now new version of application on Delphi2007 being developed. First original project was ported to delphi 2007 and IBO 4.9.14 and is functioning as expected for past few months.

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks and warm regards