Subject IBO 4.9.14 Build 47 released
Author kylixguru
Here is the pertinent portion of the release notes:

I fixed a performance issue that crept into Build 44 having to do with the dialog that appears when records are being fetched.

I made an improvement to the behavior when the CallbackInc property is set to allow callbacks, which are more or less just various points where Application.ProcessMessages is called. There was a problem when repeatedly setting a new filter text and the dataset could get closed and remained closed instead of refreshing properly.

I fixed a problem where in some cases the SQL hourglass cursor would not return to the normal default screen cursor when it should.

I made it so that the ftString and ftWideString are interoperable/compatible with TIBODataset.

I added a new event AfterPosted to the TIB_Dataset so that you can get a hook after the post had totally completed. This could be useful to cope with a recent change where the AfterPost event was adjusted to take place prior to a CommitRetaining of the posted change if AutoCommit is set to true. If you want to be sure the changes are committed then you can use this new event.

I added the ability to use SET AUTO DDL in the TIB_Script. This is to maintain compatibility to other tools. This turns on the transaction's ServerAutoCommit feature. Unfortunately, there was a bug in Firebird's ServerAutoCommit implementation that was recently fixed so it's possible you may run into trouble with this. I plan to detect the bug and to simply send explicit COMMIT commands to emulate the ServerAutoCommit capability.

I fixed a problem in TIBODataset with UTF8 BLOB columns not being properly encoded because it was defining them as TMemoField instead of TWideMemoField. This seemed to happen right after a database was directly created.

I added blob segment data in IB_Monitor when doing a put blob segment call.