Subject Re: [IBO] Re: IBO 4.9.14 Build 44 released.
Author Daniel Rail

At April-01-12, 12:08 AM, wrote:

> I will send you on Monday three sample apps, all of which will give
> u Invalid Blob ID's. I will also include how I had to handle all
> three different situations to make sure that it does not happen, but
> it involves using different components in differenct scenarios. Hope this will help.

I just tried to use one of the newer features of IBO, which is, for a
TIBOQuery, the ability to assign a read-only transaction to the
IB_Transaction property and a read/write transaction to the
IB_TransForUpdates property. If I use the read/write transaction for
both properties, there is no errors. But, as soon as I use two
separate transactions for those properties, I get an Invalid Blob Id

If this one of your scenarios, can you share your fix?

I just installed IBO

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