Subject IBO 4.9.14 Build 44 released.
Author kylixguru
I just put out a new release.

3/23/2012 Version 4.9 Release 14 [Build 44]

I added DrawingStyle as a published property of TIB_Grid control. I also fixed a bug having to do with the boolean indicator not being centered properly in the cell.

I enhanced binary blob handling so that it will use a variant array of bytes to store its contents instead of a rawstring. This way potential transliteration issues are avoided.

I fixed a problem where a dataset is prepared and then search criteria was put into the data links and then the dataset was put into search mode and then posted without the search criteria being taken into consideration. This is because when it was put into search mode it caused the query to be flagged as having valid SQL when it really didn't.

I enhanced the dialog that pops up while records are fetching so that when it is done it will be freed so that it won't hog resources.

There are still a few issues I will get finished next week. In particular, the invalid Blob ID issue needs more work. If anyone can please provide a sample app for this I would greatly appreciated it.