Subject RE: [IBO] CanClose := ib_transaction.CloseWithConfirm
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It's possible that your transaction did not have AutoCommit set to true. In
which case, even though your datasets have all posted their changes on the
server would yet be awaiting a commit or a rollback. Please check your
settings carefully and let me know.

Also, if the Company sample app demonstrates the apparent problem, please
give the exact steps and describe the things you are seeing so that I am
100% clear.


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Subject: [IBO] CanClose := ib_transaction.CloseWithConfirm


i'am using the CloseWithConfirm function to be sure, that all the changes
made by the user get saved or canceled while a dataset is in dssEdit or
dssInsert state, depanding on the users action in the dialog.
If all datasets where allready postet, the dialog did not appear.

Know i have updated my IBObjects to Version IBO4_9_14_b53.
As soon as i edit and post a record the transaction state know remains in
tsActivePending and the dialog appears evertime.

I have tried some different setups with these properties:
- TIB_query.RefreshAction
- TIB_Query.CommitAction
but that had now effects

The autocommit is set to TRUE in the Transaction.


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