Subject Re: [IBO] CanClose := ib_transaction.CloseWithConfirm
Author beatty_complex_online
Hello Jason,

thanks for your reply!

i'am trying to explain my steps.

1. Open the application Company
2. Edit a record
3. Post the record via the updatebar
4. Close application
And now the dialog appears.

If i compile the same application in my Delphi2010 with IBO Version IBO4_9_11 running, the behavior is different. Then the dialog only appears, if there is a dataset in the state dssEdit or dssInsert.

Hope that helps

--- In, "IBO Support List" <supportlist@...> wrote:
> It's possible that your transaction did not have AutoCommit set to true. In
> which case, even though your datasets have all posted their changes on the
> server would yet be awaiting a commit or a rollback. Please check your
> settings carefully and let me know.
> Also, if the Company sample app demonstrates the apparent problem, please
> give the exact steps and describe the things you are seeing so that I am
> 100% clear.
> Thanks,
> Jason
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> Subject: [IBO] CanClose := ib_transaction.CloseWithConfirm
> Hi,
> i'am using the CloseWithConfirm function to be sure, that all the changes
> made by the user get saved or canceled while a dataset is in dssEdit or
> dssInsert state, depanding on the users action in the dialog.
> If all datasets where allready postet, the dialog did not appear.
> Know i have updated my IBObjects to Version IBO4_9_14_b53.
> As soon as i edit and post a record the transaction state know remains in
> tsActivePending and the dialog appears evertime.
> I have tried some different setups with these properties:
> - TIB_query.RefreshAction
> - TIB_Query.CommitAction
> but that had now effects
> The autocommit is set to TRUE in the Transaction.
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