Subject Slightly surprised by IBO
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
In a TIB_Query, I did something like

FROM OneTable
WHERE MyField = :MyField
FROM AnotherTable
WHERE MyField = :MyField


Only results from AnotherTable appeared in the result set. Copying the query to IB_SQL, I discovered why - it expected two parameters! I then discovered that I had (erroneously) defined MyField as CHAR in OneTable, and as VARCHAR in AnotherTable. So I just changed the definition for one of the fields and everything worked as expected.

Is this behaviour as intended? If so, then fine, just a small gotcha for me to remember whenever I try to 'reuse' a parameter. I guess that two different parameters with identical names also means that the first parameter only can be accessed through Params and not ParamByName?


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