Subject Re: [IBO] Problem in BindingCursor: Check Keylinks property Problem Ver 4.9.11
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:36 PM 9/09/2011, Colin wrote:
>Hi Helen,
>Thanks for the reply, but i am a bit lost as to what "MY" options are here,
>Does this mean that i cannot write EXECUTE BLOCK statements and use my beloved IBOdataset components any more ?

Probably you could, if you kill KeyLinksAutoDefine and make sure KeyLinks is nil. KeyLinks is a dataset property and you don't have a dataset, it appears. I think the only way you can know is to try it.

>I can write the function as four IBOQuery components, 2 for the purchase order copy, then and other 2 for the purchase order items copy but seems crazy as i can do it in one simple EXECUTE BLOCK call is that waht you mean by "executable SP"

No. You can write what is referred to as "an executable stored procedure" that does all that stuff, passing the input params to it, rather than trying to specify it all on the client side. (The other kind of SP is a "selectable stored procedure" that returns multiple rows to the client as a dataset...not what you want here.)

>I cant see how i can get the primary key value from an insert statement so i can use it in the detail table for its FK in your example insert into blah b select foo, bar,.... from foobar f
>where = :bfoo
>and = :bbar

I wrongly guessed that you actually had a dataset.

>I only have IBODataset components and am not licenced to use any other components i was informed unless i buy the complete set, So is the end for me and IBO components ?

Why? If it turns out you can't do what you want using a TIBOQuery, is there some strong reason why you can't write the parameterised SP and use a TIBOStoredProc? Even if you find you can do it with TIBOQuery, the executable stored procedure would be a lot more efficient and elegant.