Subject RE: [IBO] Problem in BindingCursor: Check Keylinks property Problem Ver 4.9.11
Author Support List
> Does this mean that i cannot write EXECUTE BLOCK statements and use my
> beloved IBOdataset components any more ?

I have every intention of supporting EXECUTE BLOCK statements in TIBOQuery.
However, there are limited abilities because IBO is unable to put together a
SQL statement internally that allows it to fetch in just a single record
efficiently. At some point I will have a new property that will allow you to
provide a custom SQL statement to fetch just a single record that will
enable you to work with all the normal features.

> I can write the function as four IBOQuery components, 2 for the purchase
> order copy, then and other 2 for the purchase order items copy but seems
> crazy as i can do it in one simple EXECUTE BLOCK call is that waht you
> mean by "executable SP"
> I cant see how i can get the primary key value from an insert statement so
> i can use it in the detail table for its FK in your example insert into
> blah b select foo, bar,.... from foobar f
> where = :bfoo
> and = :bbar
> I only have IBODataset components and am not licenced to use any other
> components i was informed unless i buy the complete set, So is the end for
> me and IBO components ?

You would run into the same issue with the TIB_Query component as well.

> How can I use the update sql as it says i cant prepare an empty statement
> ?

I'm not sure what you issue here is.