Subject RE: [IBO] [Jason] Fail to prepare sentence in all my queries after update to IBO 4.9.14
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>Before (IBO 4.6), I was create a query in this way :
> m:=TIB_Query.Create(Self);
> m.IB_Connection:=SetFB.IB_Connection;
> m.sql.clear;
> m.sql.add('DELETE FROM CLIENTS');
> m.sql.add('WHERE id_client='+IntToStr(nId)+';');
>---> m.ExecSQL;

what happens if you change the first line to:


I've no idea whether using a TIB_Query should work or not, but I use TIB_Query when I need a bidirectional dataset, TIB_Cursor when a unidirectional dataset would suffice, TIB_DSQL when I want to execute something and sometimes TIB_Script when I want to execute many things.