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Despite my silence, I am keenly interested in this and would like to get to
the point where your work here can benefit others.

Is there a possibility that you and I could have a private dialog on this?
I'd like to get into this in more detail than likely would be of general
interest here.

Jason LeRoy Wharton

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> Lester Caine wrote:
> > The only advice I have had so far is that I should drop the Builder6
> conversion
> > of the project files and build each one manually from scratch in XE ...
> Success ... Stared again with an empty project, and built IBO40EDT from
> scratch,
> and the color editors appear.
> Did the same with VRT and VDT, and the data grid actually opens and looks
> OK.
> I still have a problem with 'CurrentRowColor', which I've commented out
> for the
> moment. I'll do a full compare with the existing code base and check what
> I've
> hidden later.
> Now I need to build a CXE project for my own code and see how we get on
> ...
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