Subject Internet problems of late
Author Support List
I apologize to everyone trying to use my web-site lately. My local phone
provider, which also provides my internet service, has had some serious
hardware malfunctions lately. They have been working on it now for a while
and apparently the problem is quite serious. They say it should be totally
fixed by tomorrow but they said that yesterday too. My service has been up
and down now for a couple days. Please just keep trying every hour or so.

Also, I am going out of town for a few days. I am a co-owner in a commercial
gold mine and my partner in this investment died a few weeks ago so now I
have legal things to go and take care of. And, unfortunately, I am going to
need to refinance a loan my partner had for about $100,000 USD. There is
plenty of equity so it would be a very safe investment so I should be able
to work this out without too much trouble.

Because gold is continuing to increase in price the equity of this
investment will increase as well. I am also looking to sell this asset
outright as I don't have the time and energy to take on the operation of
this gold mine on my own. It would make someone a very excellent gold mine
if they have the ability to work it properly.

If anybody on this list is curious about this and/or knows someone who might
be willing to earn a good rate of return on a very safe note, please let me
know. You can send me a private email at Jason@....

Jason LeRoy Wharton