Subject Re: [IBO] Builder C++ XE install
Author Lester Caine
Support List wrote:
> Lester,
>> Jason
>> I'm missing something here ...
>> The color elements wrapped in TFont are being handled properly, it's the
>> TColor
>> ones which you are managing via the ib_session which seem to be the
>> problem. I
>> can change the colout by typing numbers in, but something is inherited
>> incorrectly so that using a grid gives an error about an invalid color
>> value.
> How goes the progress?
> I may have made those properties integer instead of TColor even though they
> contain a TColor value.

Been delayed by other work ...
The problem settings are working correctly in Delphi XE but not in the Builder
install, so surely both would be wrong? Or am I looking for something that is
wrong in the C++ headers built from the Delphi code?

The only advice I have had so far is that I should drop the Builder6 conversion
of the project files and build each one manually from scratch in XE ...

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