Subject RE: [IBO] Autopost after nextrow
Author Support List
> When I use IB_Query.NEXT Autopost occurs. How to disable Autopost?

This cannot be disabled.

What you can do is make use of CachedUpdates if you want to prevent changes
from being posted to the server. They will merely be posted into update

> Use IB_Connection and
> IB_Transaction (autocommit = false and autocommitretains = false) and
> IBQuery (autopostdelete = false) but does not work.
> OR I'm doing something wrong?

It seems you don't quite understand how datasets work.

> I want to change, delete, add multiple records at once and post+commit
> only at the end of my changes in the dataset(ib_query).
> Some light?

You need to use CachedUpdates for this.

Jason LeRoy Wharton