Subject problem with TIB_IncSearch and german umlaut characters
Author G.Nau
D7, IBO 4.8.5, FB 2.1
Using TIB_Incsearch together with a tib_grid I'm having problems
seaching in a table containing german umlaut characters (ä,ö,ü).
The table is simply a list of all german city names and the equivalent
postcodes with character set iso8859_1 and collation order iso8859_1.
my example is searching for "Horst" (several smaller cities with that
name exists in Germany with different postcodes).
Typing "Horst" in TIB_incSearch is not jumping to the correct entries.
It's getting stuck with some "Hö..." entry. So there seems to be a
problem with sorting or comparing here.

A "select * from cities order by cityname" shows the correct order of
the result set:
-------- snip ----

Horrweiler 55457
Horschbach 66887
Horst 18519 <------------------- that's the one I'm looking for
Horst 23883
Horst (Holstein) 25358
Horstdorf 06785
Horstedt 27367
Horstedt 25860
Horstmar 48612
Höchberg 97204
Höchenschwand 79862
Höchheim 97633
Höchst im Odenwald 64739
Höchstadt an der Aisch 91315
--------snap ----------------
The listing is as I wanted it to be ("o" sorted before "ö").
So the database is giving the results in correct order.

In my application typing "Hor" is jumping to this records:
Hönningen 53506
Hönow 15366
Höpfingen 74746
Hörden 37412

continue typing "Hors" is jumping to:
Hörgertshausen 85413
Höringen 67724
Hörnun 25997

and finishing "Horst" is showing:
Hörselberg 99819
Hörselgau 99880
Hörsingen 39356

I googled for a problem solution and found a similar problem here:
I tried that customcompare procedures, but that didn't work.

Any idea how to solve this?

Gunther Nau