Subject IBOServices with IBO 4.9.9, D2007
Author Ed Dressel
I just installed IBO 4.9.9 in my last steps to get to D2010. But IBOServices.pas file does not like it--it gives me the following exception

[DCC Error] IBOServices.pas(1236): E2010 Incompatible types: 'PByte' and 'Array'

on the following LOC:

isc_sql_interprete(sqlcode, local_buffer, IBLocalBufferLength);

where "local_buffer" is defined as "array[0..IBHugeLocalBufferLength - 1] of char".

I can change it so an array of byte, and it works, but that fix breaks other items and there are quite a few other items that need to be fixed.

Is there an updated IBOServices.pas file around?

Ed Dressel