Subject Re: [IBO] Strategy for migration on to Delphi 2009/10
Author Jason Wharton

> p.filmer wrote:
>> When using .AsString calls in Delphi 2009+, has anyone come
>> up with a strategy of getting around the compiler warnings?
>> Apart from turning off the warnings, of course!
> [...]
>> One thought that came to me overnight was to develop in the
>> Delphi 2010 IDE (with warnings off), and build the end-user
>> executables in Delphi 7.
> If you seriously have the option of re-compiling under D7
> then why would you upgrade to D2010?
> Note that D2009+ are all (mostly) unicode throughout; interface
> and Windows API calls etc. So it may seem all very simple to
> just declare all your own strings as AnsiString but if you do
> so then you force conversions to/from unicode for almost every
> thing you want to do.
> IBObjects v4.9.x has done exactly that and all those migrating
> their code to that version are likely to hit problems when it
> comes to a really converting to unicode (as you note, simple
> AsString is not incompatible in declaration and any change to
> the data type in future will break users code).
> Jason,
> I may be back in business here for a while. I have the work I
> started (migrating the v4.8.7 core package to unicode). As I
> noted previously it still needs testing and changes I made to
> remove the old string-lists are potential upgrade problems for
> other users. Hopefully I can get some testing done over the
> next few weeks and then I can send you what I've done
> The real/big issue is that this new code is effectively a fork
> of the IBO source. We need to resolve how to deal with it.
> I bring it up here because a true unicode conversion is what
> is needed for most applications. Anyone that makes artificial
> work-arounds for the IBO v4.9 AnsiString interface is going to
> be in serious trouble if/when a true unicode version becomes
> available.

Oh wow! This is great news! I really needed something to brighten my day.
I've had a houseful of vomiting children and have had other things going on
so I didn't take notice of this fully until now.

I would very much like to coordinate with you how to get things moving
forward for the IBO 4.9.x sources to better support Unicode. I have been
suffering some from mental blocks on it and really could use some outside
stimulation to get this to where I want it.

Jason Wharton

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