Subject Re: [IBO] Strategy for migration on to Delphi 2009/10
Author Geoff Worboys
p.filmer wrote:
> When using .AsString calls in Delphi 2009+, has anyone come
> up with a strategy of getting around the compiler warnings?
> Apart from turning off the warnings, of course!
> One thought that came to me overnight was to develop in the
> Delphi 2010 IDE (with warnings off), and build the end-user
> executables in Delphi 7.

If you seriously have the option of re-compiling under D7
then why would you upgrade to D2010?

Note that D2009+ are all (mostly) unicode throughout; interface
and Windows API calls etc. So it may seem all very simple to
just declare all your own strings as AnsiString but if you do
so then you force conversions to/from unicode for almost every
thing you want to do.

IBObjects v4.9.x has done exactly that and all those migrating
their code to that version are likely to hit problems when it
comes to a really converting to unicode (as you note, simple
AsString is not incompatible in declaration and any change to
the data type in future will break users code).


I may be back in business here for a while. I have the work I
started (migrating the v4.8.7 core package to unicode). As I
noted previously it still needs testing and changes I made to
remove the old string-lists are potential upgrade problems for
other users. Hopefully I can get some testing done over the
next few weeks and then I can send you what I've done

The real/big issue is that this new code is effectively a fork
of the IBO source. We need to resolve how to deal with it.

I bring it up here because a true unicode conversion is what
is needed for most applications. Anyone that makes artificial
work-arounds for the IBO v4.9 AnsiString interface is going to
be in serious trouble if/when a true unicode version becomes

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing