Subject Strategy for migration on to Delphi 2009/10
Author p.filmer
Hi all

When using .AsString calls in Delphi 2009+, has anyone come up with a strategy of getting around the compiler warnings? Apart from turning off the warnings, of course!

We are trying to get our source code from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2010. I'm hoping some of you can give advice for how you got around the issues with .AsString() returning AnsiString, but have String variables all over the place.

All of our string data in the database is Ansi String. We aren't writing any Unicode data to the database... at least not yet.

Casting and/or wrapper functions to convert between the two are easy to write, but we have thousands, if not tens of thousands of lines of code to fix up.

Has anyone tried modifying or extending TIB_Column in some way?

Or should we wait until Jason + team can get together the new major version of IBO?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.