Subject [IBO] Re: IBOAdmin components for Delphi 2009?
Author Sean Palmer
I think it would ne benifcial if you adopt the IBOAdmin components from Andreas and merge then into IBObjects, this would mean both component sets would remain in sync. At the moment I can't even start to migrate my applications to Delphi 2009 until I have both IBObjects and IBOAdmin for D2009. In order for me to initially achieve this I would obviously require IBObjects 4.9.x AND a compatible version of IBOAdmin (ie. an ansified version!). I would then migrate to IBO 5.0 as and when necessary (ie. when I get Delphi 'Weaver') if 4.9.x is not going to stop at D2009.

I hope this can be achieved for a release of IBO 4.9.x.


> Sean,
> > Shouldn't the IBObjects and IBOAdmin components be kept in sync,
> > so if Jason releases v4.9.x for D2009 then there should be a 4.9.x
> > compatible version of IBOAdmin for D2009?
> I have not officially adopted the IBO Admin components. If its author would
> like me to adopt them then I would be more than willing to do so. Then, I
> would be the one maintaining it for future versions, etc.
> Kind regards,
> Jason Wharton