Subject Re: [IBO] D7 to D2009 migration
Author Tom
Hi Jason,

I did some more testing and it seems the error is related to IBO. The problem arises at the TIBODataSet.GetBookmark method, and exactly at:

Move( pointer( B )^, Result[0], BookmarkSize );

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> Ok, I've installed IBO4.9.3 beta and the issue still exists, but I found out where the problem is. It happens when the IBOQuery is connected to TDataSource... so I think it's something else and not IBO related. Unfortunately, I can't find the issue yet... but at least you don't need to bughunt
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> > Tom,
> >
> > > I'm trying to port my D7 application to D2009, but I'm experiencing some
> > > problems with IBO. Each time I open a TIBOQuery, I get an AV. If I however
> > > drop a fresh TIBOQuery and use the same SQL, everythings works fine when
> > > opening it. So I guess it has something to do with the information in the
> > > dfm files... is there another way than recreating all IBO objects to
> > > migrate to D2009? Or is this something else?
> >
> > Not sure what it could be. Which beta version are you using? This is
> > something that I flat out need to fix. Would you kindly make sure you have
> > tested with the most recent beta version and then send me a simple sample
> > application demonstrating the problem?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Jason Wharton
> >