Subject Re: [IBO] Error: Statement already has a cursor 1 assigned
Author m. Th.
m. Th. wrote:
> Hi,
> Does someone else encountered the error bellow? Jason, it is fixed
> already? I can reproduce it every time but only in a large project. If
> nobody gives a light _and_ Jason is interested, I'll try to isolate the
> problem and make a test case.
> --------------8<---------8<----------------
> Exception class: EIBO_ISCError
> Exception message: ISC ERROR CODE:335544569
> Dynamic SQL Error
> SQL error code = -502
> Invalid cursor declaration
> Statement already has a cursor 1 assigned

Finally got it! It's a problem related to lookup fields in TIBODataSet
descendants. If someone is interested I can post a test case on SF.
Sorry for not doing this already but I'm in a hurry. Already sent an
eMail to Jason.

HTH & my2c,