Subject Re: [IBO] IBO - IB_String vs AnsiString
Author m. Th.
Jason Wharton wrote:
> Using overrides is the method I am using to try and minimize this negative
> consequences here.

'Overrides'? 'Overrides' is a new version of a virtual function
introduced in a descendant class. Perhaps do you mean "overloads"? Can
you expand a bit?

> This will balloon the code considerably to continue doing this more but that
> is a better price to pay than in performance.

Imho, the real benefit of keeping two versions of a certain code block
is much lower and its worth in fewer places than, perhaps, I (we)
thought at the beginning. Perhaps an actual profiling with hard data
will do. Also, here, we (the testers) should give you the actual
'measurement': our feedback. Mind you, if you implement both you must
drag them with you. Also, what we'll do when the 64bit compiler will
arrive? Will have a 3rd set of primitives?

Also, perhaps it's better to update the alpha version as you advance.
This will keep the community close and motivated to give you feedback.