Subject IBO - IB_String vs AnsiString
Author m. Th.

The ones who have the IBO 4.9 know that many String types where changed
to AnsiString.

While this is understandable, taking in account the amount of work
required, this is unfortunate in certain areas like the ones who deal
with the query parsing. I mean primarily code blocks (methods,
procedures etc.) like Get/SetSQLWhere, SQLOrder etc. This means that
when we use these code blocks we cannot use Unicode.

But the problem here is that the _interface_ (iow the declaration) of
these code blocks is changed. So we must change our variables to
AnsiString in order to compile.

There are some solutions here:

1. To use in _our_ code a string type like IB_String = AnsiString and
when change it gradually to String when the library changes it's interface.

2. To use in _library's_ code the same approach as above. The 2nd has
also the advance that we'll know where are the places in the library
where 'AnsiString' must be changed back and where it must stay 'AnsiString'.

Thoughts? Comments?

m. Th.

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