Subject Re: [IBO] IBO - IB_String vs AnsiString
Author m. Th.
m. Th. wrote:
> Carlos H. Cantu wrote:
>> I'm still not using D2009, but I remember to have read in several
>> blogs that, in terms of performance, changing String to Ansistring is
>> not good. Looks like the compiler has to do a lot of internal
>> conversions any time you use AnsiString parameters with functions and
>> procedures that are not specific designed for it.
> ...Perhaps it's better to make things clearer. The compiler, by itself,
> doesn't do internal conversions.

...of course one can see as 'internal' conversions the ones between
'String' and 'AnsiString'. Which costs, of course. But the RTL was
updated with overloaded functions in order to support both AnsiString &
String variants.

just 2c,