Subject my components are NOT installed corect !!!
Author HellScream
Hi all
I have the following problem.
I am more than sure that my components are NOT installed corect.

I have an application for UPDATE the internal structure of a database. Create table, alter table, create trigger, update statements etc.
I migrate to Firebird 2.1.
The application dosent work anymore and after is executing the update steps is freezing at the commit statement.

I use version 4.7.16
I'm sure something is wrong because for example I dont have the ForceDisconect method. But I make some workaround and I eliminate the need of this method. However this method appear on another instalation on another computer (my laptop).
On my laptop the app is working OK, so something is wrong with my components.
I reinstalled more than 3-4 times so far ...
Any advice on how can I test if the components are installed corect .. and what to do to install them corect?
I delete the bpl more than 3 time and recompiled them in the same order that is in the ProjectGroup.
tks in advance for any help

P.S. I'm not a begginer in delphi, instaling etc but maybe something I doing wrong on the library path ??