Subject Re: [IBO] my components are NOT installed corect !!!
Author Jason Wharton
Did you also delete the DCP files?
I am sorry but I don't know anything more what to suggest for you.


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Subject: [IBO] my components are NOT installed corect !!!

> Hi all
> I have the following problem.
> I am more than sure that my components are NOT installed corect.
> I have an application for UPDATE the internal structure of a database.
> Create table, alter table, create trigger, update statements etc.
> I migrate to Firebird 2.1.
> The application dosent work anymore and after is executing the update
> steps is freezing at the commit statement.
> I use version 4.7.16
> I'm sure something is wrong because for example I dont have the
> ForceDisconect method. But I make some workaround and I eliminate the need
> of this method. However this method appear on another instalation on
> another computer (my laptop).
> On my laptop the app is working OK, so something is wrong with my
> components.
> I reinstalled more than 3-4 times so far ...
> Any advice on how can I test if the components are installed corect .. and
> what to do to install them corect?
> I delete the bpl more than 3 time and recompiled them in the same order
> that is in the ProjectGroup.
> tks in advance for any help
> Razvan
> P.S. I'm not a begginer in delphi, instaling etc but maybe something I
> doing wrong on the library path ??