Subject Display format in a varchar field
Author Andrei Luís

I'm using IBO 4.8.7 and FB 2.1.2 on Delphi Pro 2006.

I'm stuck with a silly issue. I already searched in old messages, but didn't
find anything related to display format with varchar field.

Consider a varchar(11) field, I want to store an eight string on it (the
remain characters is reserved for future needs), like '12345678'. I'd like
to show this value with a mask like this: '1234.5678'.

I tried to put 0000.0000;1;X (where X is a blank character), in Display
Format field, in the proper table field of my IB_Query, but the field is
displayed as '1234.' when the stored value in DB is 12345678.

Instead of that, I put 0000.0000;1;X in Edit Mask on IB_Query, now the field
is properly shown, but the '.' is stored in DB, what I don't want.

I need to show the formmatted field in TIB_Edit and TIB_Grid, and the
content of it will be numbers only.

So, to abbreviate the question, how can I display a string field formmatted
as '0000.0000', and edit/store it in db without the mask?

Sorry for the mass, english is not my native language.


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