Subject Re: [IBO] Help! Storing Blob image using IBO after upgrading FB 1.5 to 2.1 no longer works.
Author Chuck Belanger

Found the problem.

It had nothing to do with the saving BLOB code, but with the routine I
used to Load the image to a fcImager (not the fcDBImager because I was
also manipulating the image when in the imager). Turns out that as I was
working on changing the older JV URLListGrabber to the newer one, I made
some changes, such that it was not identifying the image type. That led
to problems in the LoadImage routine, so it was looking like there was
no image.

On checking the BLOB field in IBExpert, there was no data for awhile
(separate errors in the jvURLListGrabber event code), but it was
starting to show up (as only 4 bytes in the display), but I knew it was
saving. Kept looking and found this error.

So this is not a FP upgrade issue, but a Jedi JVCL upgrade issue where I
made some errors.


Chuck Belanger.