Subject Re: Looking for Suggestions on how to best use TIB_Query and TIB_DataSou
Author João Henrique Levada
Hello Sam.

Welcome to Delphi and IBO.

I'm brazilian, and so, I don't speak english. Sorry, for the errors.

Well, I think you can use just one TIB_Query, for the insertion of new
records (top of form) and
for the edition, using a TIB_CtrlGrid.

Have you tried it out?

I don't like it so much (TIB_CtrlGrid), in this case I would recommend to
you, use a TIBOQuery, so you can use the Delphi's native TDBCtrlGrid.
It's easy even to get help and suggestions of use, over the internet.

Hope that come in hand.

See you.

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