Subject Looking for Suggestions on how to best use TIB_Query and TIB_DataSource in my ap
Author sam.howley

-related screenshot in the 'Teams' photos album-

I am new to Delphi and IBObjects. So far my experiences have been
great and I am enjoying using this technology.

I am creating an an application that will have a data entry form
allowing the user to enter the name and contact details of a team.

When the user clicks the 'Add' button the details of that team are
saved to a database table and a small summary panel with their
details is added to a TScrollBox.

Some of the fields in this summary pannel are editable.

I am wondering if I am going to require a seperate TIB_Query for each
of the summary panels or if there is a way to
have a single TIB_Query attached to each summaries, and still allow
each to be editable and when edited update the relevant row in the

Any suggestions appreciated.

I have uploaded a screenshot to the photos section, i'm not sure if
this is the done thing but if not please let me know
and I will remove it.

Sam Howley