Subject Re: IBOQuery with record locking
Author earnesttse

I found the problem: RecVersion=False. After set RecVersion to true,
everthing works fine.

Thanks for help!


--- In, "earnesttse" <earnesttse@...> wrote:
> Hello, I have a record locking problem needing your help!
> I have master/detail tables to record sale invoice. I call
> IB_Database.StatTransaction before editing master reocrd. When one
> user is editing a record of detial, other user can't read the
> record, system will wait until the record has been cancelled or
> posted.
> Is there any way to allow the second user to view the edited record
> without waiting the first user completed editing?
> I read the book of Helen: The Firebird Book. I found that in page
> 552: In Firebird, all updates are at row level ... When a
> submits a request to update a row; the old version of that row
> remains visible to all transactions. Writers do not block readers.
> Is there anything I missed?
> I am using Delphi 2007, IBO 4.8.7, IBOQuery, AutoCommit=True,
> Isolation=tiCommitted.
> Your prompt reply is highly appreciated!
> Thanks for help!
> Earnest