Subject Re: [IBO] Read-only problem
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:43 AM 21/03/2008, you wrote:
>--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
>> At 03:04 AM 21/03/2008, you wrote:
>> >I want to access a database that has been marked read-only (via
>> >When I click the 'Connect Database' button in the design editor, I
>> >this error:
>> >
>> >ISC ERROR CODE:335544765
>> >
>> >attempted update on read-only database
>> >
>> >
>> >The insert, update, delete, ddl or authorization statement cannot
>> > be executed because the transaction is inquiry only
>> >
>> >I'm using IBO 4.8.7 with Builder 2007.
>> >
>> >Any insight would be appreciated.
>> Read-only databases are intended for deployment, not development.
>> Does your application run on the RO database outside of the IDE?
>> Helen
>Hi Helen,
>No, I get the same ISC error. I thought I'd try troubleshooting in
>design mode to see if I could get any farther, but no.
>(BTW, I'm using FB 1.54)

Try the following:

drop a tib_transaction into your form or DM and give it a friendly name, eg TxRO

set the ReadOnly property of this transaction to True

set the DefaultTransaction property of your IB_Connection to this transaction

Then you can try the editor...although I suspect that, since it provides a data editing interface, it probably requires a RW transaction and will throw an exception

Try to connect by just setting the IB_Connection's Connected property true in the property editor.