Subject IBOQuery with record locking
Author earnesttse
Hello, I have a record locking problem needing your help!

I have master/detail tables to record sale invoice. I call
IB_Database.StatTransaction before editing master reocrd. When one
user is editing a record of detial, other user can't read the edited
record, system will wait until the record has been cancelled or

Is there any way to allow the second user to view the edited record
without waiting the first user completed editing?

I read the book of Helen: The Firebird Book. I found that in page
552: In Firebird, all updates are at row level ... When a transaction
submits a request to update a row; the old version of that row
remains visible to all transactions. Writers do not block readers.

Is there anything I missed?

I am using Delphi 2007, IBO 4.8.7, IBOQuery, AutoCommit=True,

Your prompt reply is highly appreciated!
Thanks for help!