Subject Re: [IBO] UTF8 as Client Character Set
Author Stefan Heymann

> I added in the use of Delphi's Encode/Decode functions when the CharSet
> property is set to UTF8. Have you used these methods and are they
> undesirable? I could make it so that you can override them with your own,
> or just none at all.

as far as I understand it, you don't have to apply any encode/decode
functions. The Firebird client library (fbclient.dll) should do it
all. So when you tell the client library to have the client character
set as UTF8, it delivers UTF-8, no matter what the source field
character set is. It does all the transliteration.

> Being that I don't have first-hand practical experience with
> character sets I depend quite a bit on you all out there helping me
> understand the issues you face when dealing with multiple character
> sets.

Will you come to the Firebird Conference this year? If so, I would
like to give you a one-to-one session on Character Sets and I could
show you how it all works :-)

Best Regards