Subject Re: Thread Safe?
Author Ed Dressel
> If you are strictly in code and there is no container as an owner
> then what you should do is create your TIB_Session with NIL (or
> whatever) as the owner and then the subsequent data access objects
> can have the TIB_Session instance passed in as the owner.

Ouch--I've been doing something wrong. I create all my data access
objects with "nil" owner param. Haven't seen any problem and it's been
running for years.

> Do not pass in NIL as the owner for any of
> the other data access components unless you explicitly assign the
> TIB_Session property after instantiating it. You can also use the
> CreateForSession() constructor that allows you to give it an owner
> and declare which session the component goes with.

In one place I use a TIBOQuery, and this does not have a
CreateForSession constructor--sounds like my old alternative is to not
pass nil?

Edward Dressel