Subject RE: [IBO] UTF8 as Client Character Set
Author Jason Wharton
I added in the use of Delphi's Encode/Decode functions when the CharSet
property is set to UTF8. Have you used these methods and are they
undesirable? I could make it so that you can override them with your own,
or just none at all.

Being that I don't have first-hand practical experience with character sets
I depend quite a bit on you all out there helping me understand the issues
you face when dealing with multiple character sets.


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> Subject: [IBO] UTF8 as Client Character Set
> I finally found the time to test the 4.8 release (vs. 4.6, which I
> used until now).
> IMHO there is something wrong with the Client Character Set handling.
> (You pass the Client Character Set using the CharSet property of
> TIB_Connection.)
> I have a Firebird 2.0.1 database with (default) character set UTF8
> (this is the Server Charset).
> In my application I want to process all strings from/to the database
> as UTF-8 strings. So I specify 'UTF8' for the CharSet property of my
> TIB_Connection. I now expect to get a UTF-8 string from the database
> when I do a SELECT and I will pass UTF-8 strings in my INSERT/UPDATE
> commands. As the database also is UTF-8, no transliteration or
> transformation has to be done, neither by IBO, nor by the fbclient.dll
> nor by the database itself. This used to work correctly with IBO4.6.
> However, when I use IBO 4.8.7, there seems to be a transformation of
> strings somewhere (probably in IBO) that leads to malformed UTF-8
> strings in the database. Only when I use an empty string for the
> CharSet property, everything seems to work fine. But now, there's no
> Client Character Set defined which may lead to unexpected results for
> fields that have another character set than the default character set
> ...
> Is that a bug or is it my misconception?
> Regards
> Stefan