Subject FW: [IBO] IB_Grid OnCellClick event problem?
Author Adrian Wreyford


>> When using the IB_Grid OnCellClick event, the event is only
>> fired, when the
>> actual border of the cell is clicked, and not when the
>> content of the cell
>> is clicked.
>> Surely this is not the expected behaviour.

>There is likely something unique about your settings, etc.

>Please make a simple sample app that you test to make sure it duplicates
>problem and send it to me so I can examine it.

>Jason Wharton

I found the setting that causes it not to fire.

If IB_Grid1.AllwaysShowEditor := True; then it will only fire when the
border of the cell is clicked.

If IB_Grid1.AllwaysShowEditor := False; then it will fire as expected.

Is this supposed to be like this Jason?



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