Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery - master child relationship
Author Helen Borrie
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...> wrote:
> > At 03:26 PM 16/08/2007, Alan McDonald wrote:
> > >And you have created the field as a persistant field? it won't
> > work with IBO
> > >components if it's not made persistent.
> >
> > Not true, Alan. As with the VCL, creating persistent field objects
> > with TIBO* is optional. It is the case that the TDataset will create
> > its own persistent field objects at runtime if it needs them, but it
> > has never been the case that PFOs were required.
> >
> > Helen
> my example code has been up for some time now...
> any ideas on where the miscommunication is?
> Alan

Can't tell what the miscommunication might be... But your example
works fine here in D7 with IBO 4.8.5, with or without the persistent

1. I'm sending this msg from the web interface because for some
reason my reply via email client didn't get through.

2. If by "miscommunication" you mean that Jason hasn't replied even
though you posted on was possibly not a perfect moment to
expect an instant reply, as Jason and family are currently engaged in
a long-distance house move.