Subject RE: [IBO] Wrong version number in ib_constants-de.pas (up to 4.8.4)
Author Jason Wharton

> It looks like I found the cause of the wrong
> tib_connection.version property:
> The localized IB_constants-de.pas was not updated to the new
> version number. Still set to
> "4.7beta5". Other localisations seems to be okay (dk, tr, nl, no ...).
> Maybe there is something missing or wrong in the make
> procedure and can be fixed for the
> next update.

Yes, thanks for pointing this out. Somehow I missed this file, and it was
only this file I missed. I have touched it up and it will be corrected in
the next release.

Also, regarding language translations. I recently added a new constant
value that will need to be translated. I uploaded a ZIP containing all the
IB_Constants-XX.pas units and I'd appreciate it if some here would help with
this effort. If you are going to do one, announce it here so we don't get
people working redundantly. For the most part, it should only take someone
a few minutes. I made the non-translated lines very easy to find by
removing all indentation.

Jason Wharton