Subject RE: [IBO] Bug? TIB_Query.locate - AbortFetching failing
Author Jason Wharton

> Is there a bug in the TIB_Query.locate method, while
> canceling the fetching operation on a huge query result?
> After callbackInitInt milliseconds the default form
> "Dataset is currently fetching" is shown and the user
> can press the "cancel" button, which is then calling
> the abortfetching method of the query.
> But the TIB_Query.locate method is never returning to the
> application; the program is just dying (=application
> consumes 100% until it's terminated in the task manager).
> Tested with D7, IBO 4.7.16 and 4.8.4
> Here's a code sample (use a query and a grid with a large result):
> procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
> begin
> IB_Connection1.Open;
> IB_Query1.Open;
> ib_query1.Locate('LAGERORT','99-000-00',
> [ lopCaseInsensitive,
> lopPartialKey,
> lopFindNearest]);
> Showmessage ('Locate done!');
> end;

Will you kindly put together a sample application to demonstrate this

Please either upload it to the Bugs folder in the files area of this group
or just email it to me directly.

Please let me know what version of InterBase or Firebird the database is.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton