Subject Re: [IBO] Wrong version number in ib_constants-de.pas (up to 4.8.4)
Author Andreas Hesse
This Problem could be easily solved if you make a new file with all
all real constants and include this file into the IB_Constants.pas
So you have only one place to change them (avoid code duplication).


> Gunther,
>> It looks like I found the cause of the wrong
>> tib_connection.version property:
>> The localized IB_constants-de.pas was not updated to the new
>> version number. Still set to
>> "4.7beta5". Other localisations seems to be okay (dk, tr, nl, no ...).
>> Maybe there is something missing or wrong in the make
>> procedure and can be fixed for the
>> next update.
> Yes, thanks for pointing this out. Somehow I missed this file, and it was
> only this file I missed. I have touched it up and it will be corrected in
> the next release.
> Also, regarding language translations. I recently added a new constant
> value that will need to be translated. I uploaded a ZIP containing all the
> IB_Constants-XX.pas units and I'd appreciate it if some here would help with
> this effort. If you are going to do one, announce it here so we don't get
> people working redundantly. For the most part, it should only take someone
> a few minutes. I made the non-translated lines very easy to find by
> removing all indentation.
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton