Subject Yet Another BDE emulation issue. Transactional Isolation issue I think.
Author Randal W. Carpenter

If I pull up a query as a grid list then from the list I pick a record to
work on (say I double click on the grid) then I brings up the record in an
edit screen...if i update while looking at the list, it takes the record
out and pops up the next one if it no longer meets the criteria of the
search. I start a new transaction before I make sure the list
is in another transaction from the record update...but I don't think that
is working as it did in the bde.

So how do I make it act like the BDE and leave my list alone and not
auto-matically refresh the query and take out the record I am looking
at when I commit changes to that record? My transaction isolation is the
same as it was in the bde (read committed) so I am at a loss.