Subject Re: [IBO] CachedUpdates
Author Randal W. Carpenter
Yea, the bde was helpful like that...I think sometimes it did things for
you even though the official documentation was as if you had to do it
yourself...but it would be nice if IBO would help a guy out now and then
when in the bde emulation mode (hint hint, ya listening jason :P). But
explicit cancelupdates and commitupdates are definetly needed as it


On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Stephen Boyd wrote:

> --- In, "Randal W. Carpenter" <wade@...> wrote:
>> Not sure myself. I do a commitupdates during the commit phase...and
> I rarely
>> leave updates applied without following with a commit sequence.
> (sorry I use
>> c++ builder so the syntax is slightly different
>> but its similar enough to figure out I hope):
> It turned out to be a missing call to CommitUpdates. Apparently this
> wasn't required under BDE but it is under IBO.
> Thanks