Subject Re: [IBO] understanding transactions
Author bwc3068

when i get back after the transaction issues i will do as suggested.

right now, i'm pushing through some other upgrades to the program in


--- In, "Jason Wharton" <supportlist@...>
> > i'm pretty new to FB (1.5ish) and IBO (4.6?) i use D6.
> >
> > My old BDE / Paradox / SQL app used transactions to commit or
> > back multiple table changes depending on what the user wanted.
> > all worked pretty good. (I used .StartTransaction
> > and .InTransaction and .Commit and .Rollback and pretty much
> > everything i did and needed in a .StartTransaction.
> >
> > my FB / IBO stuff seems to be a bit flakey. changes aren't
> > committing, rollingback, etc. as they did in BDE.
> Use the BDE to IBO Conversion Guide and they should work with IBO
exactly as
> it worked with the BDE.
> You are probably trying to muddle around instead of just trusting
> conversion integrity.
> Make sure you have the latest version of IBO 4.7 so we can all be
on the
> same page. Upgrade IBO and then do a conversion from scratch and
let us
> know how it goes.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton