Subject RE: [IBO] understanding transactions
Author Jason Wharton
> i'm pretty new to FB (1.5ish) and IBO (4.6?) i use D6.
> My old BDE / Paradox / SQL app used transactions to commit or roll
> back multiple table changes depending on what the user wanted. it
> all worked pretty good. (I used .StartTransaction
> and .InTransaction and .Commit and .Rollback and pretty much wrapped
> everything i did and needed in a .StartTransaction.
> my FB / IBO stuff seems to be a bit flakey. changes aren't
> committing, rollingback, etc. as they did in BDE.

Use the BDE to IBO Conversion Guide and they should work with IBO exactly as
it worked with the BDE.

You are probably trying to muddle around instead of just trusting the
conversion integrity.

Make sure you have the latest version of IBO 4.7 so we can all be on the
same page. Upgrade IBO and then do a conversion from scratch and let us
know how it goes.

Jason Wharton