Subject understanding transactions
Author bwc3068

i'm pretty new to FB (1.5ish) and IBO (4.6?) i use D6.

My old BDE / Paradox / SQL app used transactions to commit or roll
back multiple table changes depending on what the user wanted. it
all worked pretty good. (I used .StartTransaction
and .InTransaction and .Commit and .Rollback and pretty much wrapped
everything i did and needed in a .StartTransaction.

my FB / IBO stuff seems to be a bit flakey. changes aren't
committing, rollingback, etc. as they did in BDE.

all my dmMain.IBOQueries.IBTransaction = <default> should they be
pointing to IBOTransaction (TIBOTransaction which i have on dmMain)
which is the dbInterbase.Default_Transaction setting (TIBConnection)?

Should I be handling the transactions explicitly (ie. Starting,
nameing, etc.?) or let FB handle them?

I know there's help on transactions...i have read it a bit but am
kind of confused on implicit, explicit and the other one. And which
set of methods and propr's apply to each.

is there another explaination on transacations someone could point
me to?